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Bikyaku Jidai, Japanese version of Girls’ Generation receive attention


Bikyaku Jidai, a 7-member Japanese girl group that is supposed to be the ‘Japanese Girls’ Generation‘ are receiving attention.

The ladies of Bikyaku Jidai are set to debut on October 24th, they have an average height of 171cm (5’7″), and keep a strict diet of 1500 kcal per day, which is known as the ‘Girls’ Generation diet’. It is also reported that the members will be kicked out of the group at any point if they cannot maintain their model like bodies.

‘Bikyaku’ was a word used to often describe Girls’ Generation (whose Japanese name is Shoujo Jidai) and their long legs, so fans immediately noticed the similarities. Not only so, but their choreography includes very similar moves to the trademark moves of “Genie“.

In an interview, they said, “We want to do a live in harmony with Korea’s Girls’ Generation. We don’t want to fight them, and we’ll go through struggles together. We’ll co-exist.

However, netizens felt uncomfortable about the new group and think they’re a blatant copy. They said, “What happened to their pride?“, “Girls’ Generation may be famous, but this crosses the line“, and “I’m at a loss of words“.


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Gil and Jung Joon Ha talk about the hardships they faced on ‘Infinity Challenge’


Infinity Challenge‘ had its 300th episode special on October 20th.

The members got into tents with 1 or 2 other members and talked about their honest feelings. Jung Joon Ha and Gilwere in the same tent, and they talked sincerely about the difficulties they had faced during the show.

Jung Joon Ha opened up first and said, “I had a lot of problems and I said ‘Infinity Challenge’ was difficult. I have never felt that ‘Infinity Challenge’ wasn’t difficult. Coming in was hard, leaving would be equally as hard, and staying is hard as well.

Gil responded, “I change many times every day. There are lots of days where I’m so embarrassed of myself at night after filming. I can’t even sleep. I hated myself so much.

To this, Jung Joon Ha gave him sincere advice and said, “When I see you, you’re like that. When you first came in, you had such a hateful character. You did good with that hateful character. You looked like you couldn’t do anything, but you kept going, ‘Why? You don’t know?’. It wasn’t made up and it was real, so it was hateful. But suddenly, you don’t act like that anymore. Even now, when I’m given something, I get nervous and my mind goes blank and I don’t know what to say. From my experience, just take it easy.


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Yoo Jae Suk expresses sadness that he can’t enjoy some things with his son


Yoo Jae Suk expressed his sorrow about his son on the 300th episode special of ‘Infinity Challenge‘. The members got into tents with 1 or 2 other members and talked about their honest feelings on this episode.

Yoo Jae Suk was in a tent withJung Hyung Don when the latter asked him, “Recently, your son said to you, ‘Dad can’t go to those [public] places’, didn’t he?“, recalling back to a time when he had overhead Yoo Jae Suk’s son tell him he couldn’t go to an amusement park.

Yoo Jae Suk quietly said, “The exact phrase was, ‘Dad can’t go to places with lots of people’. I want to take him there so much. I’m okay with it, but my family won’t be able to enjoy themselves.” Jung Hyung Don added on, “So later on, dad won’t be included in the family photos. That’s sad..

Fans of A Pink’s Na-Eun treat the staff of ‘The Great Seer’ to a meal


Fans of A Pink‘s Na-Eun treated the staff of ‘The Great Seer‘ to a hearty meal.

On October 18th, 10 fans of Na-Eun visited the filming location of her drama ‘The Great Seer’ and treated the actors and filming crew to 130 servings of galbi (marinated beef rib) stew.

Na-Eun made her acting debut with this child role of the main character Hae In and she has been receiving praise for her stellar acting. She will also be acting in JTBC‘s ‘Childless Comfort‘ and with this, she has successfully earned the title of ‘actress-dol’.

Na-Eun was surprised by her fans visit and even helped serve the galbi stew while still in costume. She handed out the food to her seniors and staff members with a thankful heart. She also greeted her fans and had a fun time sharing this meal with them.

The fans even made a witty banner for this event that read, “Using the Feng Shui theory, dine here and a great viewer rating will be achieved! Please enjoy the meal that was prepared by the young Hae In.

‘The Great Seer’ airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:55PM KST.


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Former child actors Lee Min Ho and Kim Sung Eun make fans reminisce


Former child actor Lee Min Ho revealed a handsome selca.

On October 20th, Lee Minho uploaded the picture above onto his personal Twitter and along with it wrote, “Flaming Friday flaming Friday flaming Friday!!! Flaming Friday at home…!!

In the picture, Lee Minho shows himself relaxing in a chair while wearing a comfortable looking hooded sweater. Even though he didn’t dress himself up, he still looked handsome.

Former child actress Kim Sung Eun, who played Midal in popular 90′s sitcom ‘Downwind of Obstetrics and Gynecology‘, replied to his picture with, “Nuna is having a flaming Friday at home too. Minho, do you even see my mentions?” The two’s interaction made fans reminisce about the times when those two were on the sitcom together.

Netizens responded to his picture with comments like, “No matter how I see it, Jungbae, you grew up really well,” “I wish I had a young boyfriend,” and “Midal and Jungbae ‘Downwind of Obstetrics and Gynecology! Good times.

On another note, Lee Minho displayed his professional acting in the dramas ‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun‘ and ‘Rooftop Prince.’


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BoM’s Sechang shows off his mature charm in new selcas


BoM‘s leader Sechang showed off his mature charm in new selcas.

Sechang updated his Twitter with two photos on October 19th and wrote, “Everyone’s excited that exams are over, but not me…

He is seen dressed in trendy idol-like fashion with red skinny jeans, a chic scarf, and a beanie. Despite saying that he’s unhappy, he is smiling brightly in the selcas for his fans.

Netizens commented on his photos saying, “You’re growing up into a real man,” “I am cheering on your career as a singer too,” and ”When did you grow so much?

On another note, Sechang debuted as a child actor and then debuted with his group BoM last year.


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Rain receiving special treatment in the army?


Singer Rain‘s frequent vacation and overnight leave from the army has been brought to attention.

Assemblyman Lee Suk Hyun from the Democratic United Party had analyzed information from the Ministry of National Defense, and found that celebrities took an excess of vacation days. He pointed out the problem that they were given special treatment compared to ordinary citizens.

According to data, Rain took 62 vacation days and overnight leaves just this year. Excluding national holidays, Rain took 13 stand-down days and 5 special vacation days. He took 10 official overnight leaves, the most out of any celebrity, and took 34 unofficial overnight leaves, the second most out of any celebrity after KCM‘s 52 overnight leaves.

Because Rain is part of the PR Support Team, it is unavoidable for him to not have unofficial overnight leaves. The army allows the PR squad to take these when they have to travel to a distant part of the country. However, it was revealed that 25 out of the 34 of his overnight leaves had been to Seoul and Gangnam, bringing suspicions about his actual activities.

A representative from the Democratic United Party said, “It is a special privilege for the PR squad to take an overnight leave out of Yongsan, where everyone else stays, and spend the night in Gangnam. He was allowed to take the overnight leave because of recording, editing and concert practices, but we don’t understand why he has to do all of those activities at night.


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