Bikyaku Jidai, Japanese version of Girls’ Generation receive attention


Bikyaku Jidai, a 7-member Japanese girl group that is supposed to be the ‘Japanese Girls’ Generation‘ are receiving attention.

The ladies of Bikyaku Jidai are set to debut on October 24th, they have an average height of 171cm (5’7″), and keep a strict diet of 1500 kcal per day, which is known as the ‘Girls’ Generation diet’. It is also reported that the members will be kicked out of the group at any point if they cannot maintain their model like bodies.

‘Bikyaku’ was a word used to often describe Girls’ Generation (whose Japanese name is Shoujo Jidai) and their long legs, so fans immediately noticed the similarities. Not only so, but their choreography includes very similar moves to the trademark moves of “Genie“.

In an interview, they said, “We want to do a live in harmony with Korea’s Girls’ Generation. We don’t want to fight them, and we’ll go through struggles together. We’ll co-exist.

However, netizens felt uncomfortable about the new group and think they’re a blatant copy. They said, “What happened to their pride?“, “Girls’ Generation may be famous, but this crosses the line“, and “I’m at a loss of words“.


credit: allkpop

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