Jang Geun Suk

Stage Name: Geun Suk

Birth Name: Jang Geun Suk

Birth Date: August 4, 1987

Birth Place: Chungcheongbok Province, South Korea

Height: 180.4cm

Religion: –

Nationality: Korean

School: Hanyang University

Agent: Tree J Company

Years Active: 1992 – present

Film/TV Series

1998: Hug

2000: School 3

2001: Ladies of the Palace; Four Sisters’ Story

2002: Orange; The Great Ambition

2003: Nonstop 4

2005: Lovers In Prague

2006: Alien Teacher; Hwang Jin I; One Missed Call, Final

2007: The Happy Life

2008: Hong Gil Dong; Beethoven Virus; The Longest 24 Months; Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do; Baby & I

2009: You’re Beautiful; The Case Of Itaewon Homicide

2010: Mary Stayed Out All Night

2011: Ikemen desu ne; You’re My Pet

2012: The Center of the New Hallyu, I Am Jang Geun Suk; Sekai no Purinsu e! Chan Gunsoku ~ 24 sai no Sugao; Love Rain

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