Park Eun Bin

Stage Name: Eun Bin

Birth Name: Park Eun Bin

Birth Date: September 4, 1992

Birth Place: Seoul, South Korea

Height: 163cm

Religion: –

Nationality: Korean

School: Sogang University

Agent: KeyEast Entertainment

Years Active: 1998 – present

Film/TV Series

1998: White Nights 3.98

2000: The Thief’s Daughter

2001: Empress Myeongseong; Sangdo, Guardian Angel

2002: The Romantic President; Glass Slippers; My Love Patzzi

2003: Age of Warriors; Country Princess; The King’s Woman

2004: Stained Glass; Has The Shower Ended?; How To Keep My Love

2005: Encounter; Hong Kong Express; Ressurection

2006: Seoul 1945; My Sister

2007: Catching Up With Gangnam Moms; The Legend; Lobbyist

2008: The Iron Empress

2009: Queen Seondeok

2010: Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp

2011: Dream High; Gye Baek

2012: Operation Proposal

2013: Covertness

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