Epik High argued with Yang Hyun Suk for their title song?


YG Entertainment‘s Yang Hyun Suk explained why Epik High has two title songs.

The hip hop trio recently made their long awaited return with the release of their 7th album ‘99‘, and released the two music videos to “Don’t Hate Me” and “UP“.

Yang Hyun Suk revealed, “The reason why Epik High’s 7th album has two title songs is because Epik High wanted to make “Don’t Hate Me” their title song and I wanted to make “UP” featuring 2NE1‘s Park Bom as their title song. It’s true we had a sort of a conflict while we were working on the album. But YG puts the artists’ opinions above anything else, so I decided to go with double title songs that would be a win-win for the both of us.

Because they have two title songs, Epik High will have to do double the promotions and activities that they would have compared to having just one title song. Yang Hyun Suk said, “There’s some stresses involved logistically and it’s difficult to have double the amount of promotions, but it’s to support good music and work with a good artist, so I’m looking forward to it. I’m also looking forward to which song is going to rank higher on the charts.

The reason Epik High chose “Don’t Hate Me” as their title song was to tell the story of their own hardships and also to thank their fans for staying with them through the hard times. The reason Yang Hyun Suk picked “UP” was because he wanted Epik High to rise from their hardships and rise up. Also, “UP” has a strong hip hop sound, so he predicted a lively performance.

Which track do you prefer, “Don’t Hate Me” or “Up”?


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YoonA’s baby photos awe netizens


Baby photos of Girls’ Generation member YoonA have surfaced online.

The photos were uploaded on an online community portal with the title ‘YoonA’s doe like beauty since her kindergarten days‘. The photos feature YoonA when she was in kindergarten and younger. She looked the same as she does now, merely younger, complete with the long arms and legs.

Upon seeing the photos, fans commented, “She was born a beauty“, “She’s the center for a reason“, and “She was different since she was young“.


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f(x)’s Sulli gets her long hair back for a photoshoot


f(x)‘s Sulli revealed a long-haired photo of herself.

On the 19th, Sulli posted the above photo with shoulder-length hair on her me2day and wrote, “I turned into a long-haired Jinri for my photoshoot yesterday!“.

In the photo, Sulli’s shoulder length-hair was in waves. She had cut her hair short for her drama series ‘To the Beautiful You‘, and her post seems to imply that she still did not have her long hair back, and that the hair might be wearing extensions or a wig.

However, fans were enthusiastic anyway about her selca, saying, “You look like a goddess!” and “I like your short hair, but long hair suits you better“.


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KARA’s Jiyoung and Hara tweet in support of Block B


Since their return with “Nillili Mambo“, Block B has been met with explosive success, climbing charts everywhere and seeing incredible support from fans.

KARA‘s Jiyoung and Hara also showed their support for the group. First, Jiyoung tweeted “Nillili Mambo“ on the 18th, and then Hara retweeted her post and wrote, “Nillili Nillili Nillililili“.

Their fans responded immediately, saying, “It’s Block B’s new song! Are you a fan?“, “I started listening to the song because of you unni“, and “I want to see you sing this live!

Seems like BBCs aren’t the only ones excited for “Nillili Mambo”!

Stephanie and miss A’s Fei are twins?


Ever since miss A‘s debut, fans noticed that member Fei looked eerily similar to CSJH‘s Stephanie.

Stephanie seemed to have knowledge of this, and she tweeted a photo of the two in the same pose and wrote, “Do we look alike? Kekeke damn Fei is so much prettier..” Fei tweeted the same picture and wrote, “Do we really look alike? keke

The photo seems to give further credence to the claims that they look very similar. Fans responded immediately to both of them, saying, “Both of you are so pretty!“, “Twins indeed“, and “Do you argue over who’s prettier?

Eunji chooses Seo In Guk’s character Yoon Yoon Jae as her ideal type


Eunji chose Yoon Yoon Jae from ‘Reply 1997‘ as her ideal type.

Eunji and Seo In Guk recently participated in a photoshoot for the star life style magazine ‘@star1‘, and Eunji had a brief interview with the magazine.

When asked about her ideal type, Eunji answered, “Yoon Yoon Jae is my ideal type. I don’t think there’s someone in the world that loves someone as noble and with pure intentions as he does. I think Yoon Yoon Jae got even better because of Sung Si Won. He could have come across as too clingy.

In the drama, the two were childhood friends, then lovers, then eventually married each other. Eunji said, “I think childhood friends can definitely become lovers. I’m so jealous of people who experienced that. I was jealous of Sung Si Won. Childhood friends can evolve to lovers, and I think that is an ideal scenario.


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10cm to be the first indie band to hold a solo concert at the Seoul Olympic Gymnastic Stadium


10cm will be the first indie band to hold their own solo concert at one of Korea’s largest venues for concerts, Seoul Olympic Gymnastic Stadium.

The concert titled ‘Fine Thank You and You?‘ will be held on February 23rd, 2013. The group gained immense popularity even as an indie band through their first single ‘Americano‘, and sold out every one of their previous performances. Their second album ‘2.o‘ swept all online charts, reaching #1 on and having all the songs in the album rank in the top 10.

During the interview 10cm had with Naver Music, 10cm had revealed that they were working on an unimaginably large-scale concert and asked fans to look forward to the 2013 concert. Tickets for the concert will go on sale on November 1st at noon KST.

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