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Fans of A Pink’s Na-Eun treat the staff of ‘The Great Seer’ to a meal


Fans of A Pink‘s Na-Eun treated the staff of ‘The Great Seer‘ to a hearty meal.

On October 18th, 10 fans of Na-Eun visited the filming location of her drama ‘The Great Seer’ and treated the actors and filming crew to 130 servings of galbi (marinated beef rib) stew.

Na-Eun made her acting debut with this child role of the main character Hae In and she has been receiving praise for her stellar acting. She will also be acting in JTBC‘s ‘Childless Comfort‘ and with this, she has successfully earned the title of ‘actress-dol’.

Na-Eun was surprised by her fans visit and even helped serve the galbi stew while still in costume. She handed out the food to her seniors and staff members with a thankful heart. She also greeted her fans and had a fun time sharing this meal with them.

The fans even made a witty banner for this event that read, “Using the Feng Shui theory, dine here and a great viewer rating will be achieved! Please enjoy the meal that was prepared by the young Hae In.

‘The Great Seer’ airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:55PM KST.


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Eunji chooses Seo In Guk’s character Yoon Yoon Jae as her ideal type


Eunji chose Yoon Yoon Jae from ‘Reply 1997‘ as her ideal type.

Eunji and Seo In Guk recently participated in a photoshoot for the star life style magazine ‘@star1‘, and Eunji had a brief interview with the magazine.

When asked about her ideal type, Eunji answered, “Yoon Yoon Jae is my ideal type. I don’t think there’s someone in the world that loves someone as noble and with pure intentions as he does. I think Yoon Yoon Jae got even better because of Sung Si Won. He could have come across as too clingy.

In the drama, the two were childhood friends, then lovers, then eventually married each other. Eunji said, “I think childhood friends can definitely become lovers. I’m so jealous of people who experienced that. I was jealous of Sung Si Won. Childhood friends can evolve to lovers, and I think that is an ideal scenario.


credit: allkpop