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Gil and Jung Joon Ha talk about the hardships they faced on ‘Infinity Challenge’


Infinity Challenge‘ had its 300th episode special on October 20th.

The members got into tents with 1 or 2 other members and talked about their honest feelings. Jung Joon Ha and Gilwere in the same tent, and they talked sincerely about the difficulties they had faced during the show.

Jung Joon Ha opened up first and said, “I had a lot of problems and I said ‘Infinity Challenge’ was difficult. I have never felt that ‘Infinity Challenge’ wasn’t difficult. Coming in was hard, leaving would be equally as hard, and staying is hard as well.

Gil responded, “I change many times every day. There are lots of days where I’m so embarrassed of myself at night after filming. I can’t even sleep. I hated myself so much.

To this, Jung Joon Ha gave him sincere advice and said, “When I see you, you’re like that. When you first came in, you had such a hateful character. You did good with that hateful character. You looked like you couldn’t do anything, but you kept going, ‘Why? You don’t know?’. It wasn’t made up and it was real, so it was hateful. But suddenly, you don’t act like that anymore. Even now, when I’m given something, I get nervous and my mind goes blank and I don’t know what to say. From my experience, just take it easy.


credit: allkpop