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Rain receiving special treatment in the army?


Singer Rain‘s frequent vacation and overnight leave from the army has been brought to attention.

Assemblyman Lee Suk Hyun from the Democratic United Party had analyzed information from the Ministry of National Defense, and found that celebrities took an excess of vacation days. He pointed out the problem that they were given special treatment compared to ordinary citizens.

According to data, Rain took 62 vacation days and overnight leaves just this year. Excluding national holidays, Rain took 13 stand-down days and 5 special vacation days. He took 10 official overnight leaves, the most out of any celebrity, and took 34 unofficial overnight leaves, the second most out of any celebrity after KCM‘s 52 overnight leaves.

Because Rain is part of the PR Support Team, it is unavoidable for him to not have unofficial overnight leaves. The army allows the PR squad to take these when they have to travel to a distant part of the country. However, it was revealed that 25 out of the 34 of his overnight leaves had been to Seoul and Gangnam, bringing suspicions about his actual activities.

A representative from the Democratic United Party said, “It is a special privilege for the PR squad to take an overnight leave out of Yongsan, where everyone else stays, and spend the night in Gangnam. He was allowed to take the overnight leave because of recording, editing and concert practices, but we don’t understand why he has to do all of those activities at night.


credit: allkpop